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cc: r.k.turner@uea
date: Thu, 01 Apr 1999 10:24:08 +0100
from: Trevor Davies <>
subject: Re: National Climate Change Research Centre
to: Mike Hulme <>,k.briffa@uea,m.hulme@uea,p.jones@uea, m.kelly@uea,j.palutikof@uea


Thanks - the buzz words are consistent with our intentions for JIF, so it
will clearly do no harm to flag our intention to tender for the Centre in
the JIF bid.

In the meantime, lets make entusiastic remarks about the prospect when we
come across the likes of Schellnhuber - with appropriate tact & diplomacy.

10:19 01/04/99 +0100, Mike Hulme wrote:
>I have discovered that Rik Leemans has been asked by NERC to act as an
>advisor/steering member for the putative UK NCCRC. I have talked with Rik
>and got the following out of him:
>- published invitation by end April
>- selection process starts in Sept.
>- Nov/Dec. 2nd stage selection process
>- Council decision and announcement early 2000
>- Centre up and running early 2001
>Budget looks like �1.75 (over 5 years?) with �1m from NERC and �0.75m from
>RIVM/PIK (Schellnhuber?) /MIT (Parsons?) have been approaced re.
>adisory/steering role.
>Buzz words are 'integrated' 'industry links' 'attact key scientists' and
>'imaginative proposals' and 'research hotels'
>There is no clear steer about whether a single-site centre or a loose
>network of sites - the Board would look at different imaginative proposals
>on this.
>Rik has promised to keep me posted on developments he hears about. He also
>thinks that CRU/CSERGE would be able to mount a good bid.
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> Annual mean temperature in Central England during 1999
> is about +1.5 deg C above the 1961-90 average
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> The global-mean surface air temperature anomaly for 1998
> was +0.58 deg C above the 1961-90 average, the warmest year yet recorded

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