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date: Mon, 5 Mar 2007 13:09:05 -0000
from: "Penstone-Smith Claire Mrs \(MAC\)" <>
subject: FW: Anglia request - climate change
to: "Jones Philip Prof \(ENV\)" <>

Dear Phil

I wonder if you might be able to help with this request to ratify some facts about climate

There may be an opportunity at some later stage for someone from the UEA to be interviewed
druing Anglia's environmental campaign, but meanwhile if you are able to help, we will ask
that the UEA gets some acknowledgement.

Kind regards


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From: Williams, Sascha [mailto:sascha.williams@ITV.COM]
Sent: Monday, March 05, 2007 12:44 PM

Hi there...further to our conversation, please find details as discussed

I'm a journalist at ITV Anglia.

In June the different parts of ITV are joining up to launch an `environmental campaign'. In
short looking at the way we can save energy, live greener lives and looking at the damage
climate change may have. Within the news (Anglia Tonight at 6pm) we're hoping to run a
week long series looking at people in East Anglia who are being environmentally friendly.
For example spending a day at Ipswich town FC (trying to be the country's first carbon
neutral club)... and also visiting a church that's just had solar panels installed.

BUT we're actually starting to promote this event on 8^th March off the back of David
Milliband's proposed Climate Change Bill ). We're hoping to start with a few `hard
hitting' facts about climate change in this region, highlighting WHY we're doing this
campaign. It would be read by our presenters and represented by some graphics on screen -
thus needs to be fairly simplistic. But before I go ahead and use this info, I was hoping
someone in your climatic research centre may be able to check they are not wildly
inaccurate. I have included them below in BOLD

Thanks for your help


***By the 2050s, annual temperatures in this part of the world could be on average more
than 2C warmer than they are now - 30 years later that may rise to more than 3C... could be
bad news for farmers and agriculture here.

***There are predictions that global sea levels may rise between 12cm and 67cm ...By far
the worst effects will be felt in low-lying areas of countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan
- but there will also be some serious consequences for East Anglia, with the possibility
parts of the fens and the broads will be lost to the sea.

***And despite some areas suffering summer droughts - there could also be more winter
floods......Heavy rain has already increased by 50 percent over the last forty years...and
could be linked to climate change.



Sascha Williams


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