Wednesday, May 9, 2012


date: Thu Jul 11 15:09:47 1996
from: Keith Briffa <>
subject: ongoing network
to: Eugene

As you will not be coming to Cambridge I am wondering about how
best to organise a meeting between you , me , Stepan and Fritz to discuss
and organise details of the network development and exploitation in the
near future. I think we need to think about this now. I am very keen to
get our project(s) more widely known and I think it important that we
publish a string of papers as we go. I think we need to consider a plan
now for some regular forum for our meetings - perhaps even on neutral ground.
What do you think. Have you heard anything from Copernicus. Are you and I
meeting in Bern or not? Also I am returning the manuscript you gave me in
Germany with my comments. Did Fritz have any to be incorporated and do you
wish me to handle the text and Figure redrafting here? Also I am sending
comments on the manuscript that will go in Dendochronologia ( Vaganov et al.)
to see what you think. I look forward to getting the data for Taimyr. Do you
mind if I try making a RCS - type chronology out of it?
We need also to keep in mind long-term close collaboration
in the context of the IGBP -type . We need to tap in to longer-term money
to develop our work over the next decade or more!
best wishes

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