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date: Mon, 25 Nov 1996 15:02:26 +0300 (WSU)
from: (Rosgidrometcenter )
subject: from Prof. D.Sonechkin (Moscow)

Dear Dr. P. Jones,

I am working at the Hydrometeorological Research Centre
of Russia as the head of the dynamical-stochastical
methods laboratory. One line of interest of our laboratory
is the current climate change problem. As you probably remember
I have asked you a renewed set of hemispheric temperature data.
You informed me that I can receive those from Dr. D. Parker.
Now, we already processed these received data series partly,
and Dr. Parker have informed me that you have in your disposal
a renewed hemispheric series with ENSO correction. I dare ask
you to send these to me by E-mail< if it is possible and
convenient for you. Of course, the monthly resolution is preferable.
Besides, I dare ask you to be so kind as to send the temperature data
of the 55 (43 in the NH, 12 in the SH) stations (preferable
the monthly mean) with data series beginning in the XIX century.
At last, you published interesting papers (The Holocene 1993, 3, 77-88
and 367-376) that is important for our study of very extended series
(like the C. England and De Bilt), but, unfortunately, we have no foreign
journals beginning from 1992 (excepting some gifts of Soros's Foundation).
So, I also ask you to send me reprints of the paper by traditional mail.
My address:
Hydrometeorological Research Centre of Russia,
Bolshoy Predtechensky lane 9/13,
Moscow 123242, Russia


Fax: (007 095) 255 15 82

Sincerely yours,

Dmitry M. Sonechkin, professor

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