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date: Thu May 24 17:44:45 2001
from: Mike Hulme <>
subject: Re: Taylor, OST visit - IMPORTANT
to: John Shepherd <>

Thanks for agreeing to a short talk. Let us know if you need any slides/illustrations etc.
Here is the latest on the OST visit - timings we hope are now reasonably robust. This has
been to accommodate John Schellnhuber's arrival at 1230 and Taylor's plans. Lunch is late,
but we can shift things if needbe.
The final hour is intended by John Schellnhuber as a closed briefing - he wishes to raise
matters relating to his position, etc.
The earlier part of the morning will 'sell' environmental science in the broader context,
before we sell the particular challenge of climate change.
At 10:39 24/05/01 +0100, you wrote:

Hi Mike
Looks fine to me, and I would be happy to do the 10 min presentation. I
would wish to mention (v. briefly) natural variability and the need to
begin implementing solutions based on precautionary action, as part of it,
but there's no need to highlight that in the title, necessarily
I will aim to catch the 0900 train and so should arrive ca 1100, leaving
some room for delays (and will go straight to the Tyndall building), OK ??
PS I assume than an important subtext for the day will be to convince him
that environmental research (in general) is important, interesting and
challenging, (right ?) so it's good that you plan to whizz him round ENV
At 19:36 22/05/01 +0100, you wrote:
>Dear All,
>The attached is my current proposed agenda for John Taylor's visit to
>Tyndall Centre on 31st May. Trevor Davies will handle the first part of
>the morning, then it's over to us.
>A number of points for all ...........
>- Taylor is coming because he has heard a lot about Tyndall and wants to be
>briefed directly. He will be impressed (a view from a colleague inside his
>Office) by our commitment to innovative science, inter-disciplinarity in
>practice rather than rhetoric, our demonstration of knowledge transfer and
>engagement with users, with our role in agenda setting and with
>international links. We should keep these points in mind during
>presentations and Q&A sessions.
>- the short talks are intended to set the scene for later discussions about
>Tyndall strategy, etc. The speakers represent balance between funding
>councils and Tyndall Centres. It is important (very) to keep just to 10
>minutes and make sure we have clear and simple messages to communicate.
>- pen portraits of you all have been sent today to Taylor's office so he
>knows who he will be meeting.
>- I will also send you later in the week a page bio of Taylor himself and a
>fuller briefing note of what we hope to get out of the visit, including the
>points we wish to raise if possible with Taylor in the hour we have in
>closed discussion.
>Then questions for specific people:
>John Shepherd: are you willing to give this short talk with 3-4
>illustrations? The point here is that we feel we need to make sure John
>Taylor is fully aware of the weight of evidence. IPCC and all that.
>John Schellnhuber: are you happy to end the presentations with a short
>statement about the pressing need for improved integration of knowledge and
>how Tyndall can make a difference?
>Trevor: have we decided anything about press coverage? Simon Torok can
>draft any press release we may want.
>Vanessa: can you arrange a good quality buffet lunch for 10 people at 1300,
>plus coffee etc. available at 1145am?
>Vanessa and Simon: we need to make sure the Callendar Room is set up in the
>right configuration - let's talk about this.
>Attachment Converted: "D:\Attachments\Visit of Dr John Taylor.doc"

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