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date: Tue Mar 9 09:23:32 1999
from: Keith Briffa <>
subject: Re: Mongolia
to: Gordon Jacoby <>

My point, which I think you have misinterpreted , is that the emphasis must be on the link between the spectral signal in your data and the same in Ed's work to justify the fast track. If you do the changes you mention then the paper is obviously suitable for many outlets but if you want to turn it round fast why not make the bulk of the text explicitly on the solar link - if that it be. I was trying to emhasise that the analysis Ed did is the only one (and one not believed by some) to show an apparent solar link with terrestrial data. If your data have similar information it needs to be the main thrust of the paper and more illustration of the similarity in the spectra both for Ed's results and directly with Solar related data need to be shown. The paper need not be much longer surely. Anyway , its up to you and I will return it as you say, but think again about writing the bulk up separately for somewhere else (presumably but not necessarily) and rejigging this to be a fast track paper supporting the evidence for the solar link. It would need a little background to the controvesy and the past tree-ring papers and then the Figures could show much of the arguement.
Best wishes
Let's settle for Scottish then!
At 10:44 AM 3/8/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Thanks for your comments: Because we were trying to get the paper out
>quickly, we deliberately kept it brief. One assumption was that much of the
>spectral material you suggest would be a boiler-plate repeat of Ed's paper.
>We say specifically that Ed et al's. was drought area indices, and ours
>obviously is drought for one region.
>It seems to me that inclusion of all the supplemental material would
>increase the size beyond any "fasttrack" limits. We will rewrite the paper
>to include fuller documentation of procedures and results. Please consider
>the paper withdrawn and return the ms.
>I categorically reject the attempt at taxonomic imperialism. Little (1979)
>"Checklist of United States Trees" (the North American bible) gives Scotch
>pine preference over Scots pine (p. 199). See also Harlow and Harrar
>Gordon C. Jacoby
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