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date: Fri, 10 Jul 1998 10:51:26 -0500
from: Joel Smith <>
subject: CR special -Reply


Let me apologize for not keeping you posted on this. Nobuo Mimura is the lead
editor on the special edition. We (Hagler Bailly) are unable to provide
technical assistance to Nobuo because of insufficient availability of funds.
EMR, which provides on-site consulting services to the US Country Studies
Program, has agreed to provide technical support for the agreement.

I had heard that Climate Research was one of the journals being considered for
the special edition. I regret that I forgot to ask Nobuo last week whether a
journal had been selected.


>>> Mike Hulme <> 07/10/98 05:35am >>>
Dear Joel,

I have heard that Bill Maly from EMR has approached Climate Research with a
proposal for a Special Issue re. the Costa Rica meeting. Is this related
to your original proposal? Did you take your idea elsewhere? Do you know
Bill Maly? And who is he?



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