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date: Tue Jun 14 10:13:35 2005
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: positions
to: "raymond s. bradley" <>

I have money for Malcolm for the next 3 years. He likes to look for other opportunities
every now and then. I hope he will stay at CRU.
Clair Hanson is also good, but she's worked more on wind data and sceanrios
and I've not had much research contact with her.
At 00:00 14/06/2005, you wrote:

Hi Phil:
I am advertising for a post-doc, to look at climate extremes in New England over the
last ~200 years....I've had inquiries from Clair Hanson & Malcolm Haylock. What say you
about them? I have not seen Clair's cv, but Haylock seems ideal for this position. We
got the $$ from a Congressional earmark, so it comes directly through NOAA. We hope to
get another one next year, so as to give us an additional couple of years cushion....
Hope all's going well. I just got back from the High Arctic (Ellesmere) --it was
exceptionally warm...up to 15C in Axel Heiberg in the first week of June....quite an
unusual year. Off to France on Sunday to continue along the Pilgrims' Trail...this time
we will cross the Pyrenees into Spain.
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