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date: Wed Apr 4 11:14:11 2001
from: Mike Hulme <>
subject: Fwd: IPCC Welcomes ENB

........... do you know about this?

Subject: IPCC Welcomes ENB
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2001 04:25:26 -0500
Thread-Topic: IPCC Welcomes ENB
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From: "Langston James Goree VI" <>
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Dear ENB and CLIMATE-L Readers; (please excuse the duplication)
We are pleased to announce that the IPCC Plenary, on the unanimous
recommendation of the IPCC Bureau, has decided to allow the Earth
Negotiations Bulletin to publish from the Seventeenth Session of the
IPCC Plenary, to be held 4-6 April 2001 in Nairobi. This decision was
based on the agreement that the ENB would treat this meeting as we do
"informal" sessions and that we would not name the names of governments.
It was agreed that this decision would not set a precedent for ENB
involvement in future IPCC Sessions.
IISD will publish a summary issue of the ENB following the conclusion of
this session. Photos and daily updates will be available beginning 4
April at [5]
The IPCC, at this session, is expected to accept the actions of Working
Groups I, II and III and to discuss the post-Third Assessment Report
programme of work.
Langston James "Kimo" Goree VI
Director, IISD Reporting Services
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Sustainable Developments - /linkages/buzz/
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Nations Office
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