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cc:,, "Keith Briffa" <>
date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 12:59:38 +0100
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subject: Re: [Fwd: Climate discussion on Friday]


At 08:02 30/04/2009, wrote:
> Tim,
> Seems fine! Change Humidity to Relative Humidity.


> Also there is responding to the skeptic claims
> - as Andrew Dlugolecki has had to do.

But is this a key "research question" for the next 10 years? I tried
instead to cover it by indicating that there is still more to learn
about the physical climate behaviour and there may be surprises that
need to be understood.

> This can be media, journal papers etc. Why it hasn't
> warmed much over the last few years is one such thing.
> Solar Constant now is 1361 W/m*m! AR5 runs will go with
> whatever they have now, as it will take modelling centres
> 1-2 years to retune their models. Most have 1366-1370!

Interesting. Is this a general downward revision of the solar
constant throughout recent decades, or is it that the current solar
output is actually 5 W/m**2 in 2009 than it was in, say, 2003? This
would be a major radiative forcing!


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