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date: Wed Apr 2 09:22:11 2003
from: Tim Osborn <>
subject: Re: Borehole temperatures
to: "Henry N. Pollack" <>

At 16:23 31/03/03, you wrote:

Is there a brief write-up somewhere that I can read to become familiar
with how the Hadley models handle land surface processes and the
coupling of radiative forcing with the ground?
Will you be in Nice? I will have a paper (disastrously scheduled for the
afternoon of the last day) that shows there is much more coherence
in the spatial structure between the borehole reconstructions
and the SAT than Mike Mann would have you believe.

Henry, unfortunately I won't be able to come to Nice this year (I hoped to, but no time).
I also had a paper scheduled for the Friday afternoon when I went last year, so I tried to
change it to a poster - but that was scheduled at an even worse time: Friday evening!! I'm
sure nobody was there by then (I certainly wasn't). I'd be interested in your results
concerning the veracity of the spatial information provided by the borehole network - I've
tried computing pattern correlations against observed twentieth century warming trends
under various amounts of spatial smoothing, with ambiguous results.
Anyway, to answer your question about the Hadley land-surface model component... I'm not
sure whether this is what you would consider to be brief, but try this:
Cox, PM et al., 1999. 'The impact of new land surface physics on the GCM simulation of
climate and climate sensitivity' Climate Dynamics, 15 (3), 183-103.
Best wishes

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