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date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 15:53:38 +0100
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** High Priority **
** Reply Requested When Convenient **

Dear Annie

Thought I'd better touch base about media strategy for launch of
Tyndall Centre.

I believe you and Mike Hulme have been liaising and that you are
happy to take the lead regarding the media operations.

This is my understanding of the plan so far:

Local/regional coverage

You will be producing a story for the local/regional media re the
links with John Tyndall.

National media

You are awaiting science stories from NERC /Tyndall Centre partners
(via Mike Hulme) , EPSRC and ESRC for a national Press Release (on
Tyndall Centre headed paper?). When you have put it together I'll get
it cleared on behalf of NERC, EPSRC and ESRC.

Mike has told me of two potential stories:

- A new analysis of rates of global warming per country.
- A survey involving local organisations about the implications of
climate change for the Norfolk Broads.

I am awaiting stories from EPSRC and ESRC.

Other potential stories/photo opportunities

Not much gives yet on the content of Michael Meacher's speech. I
understand from Mike that Tony Blair is giving a speech about the
environment (next week?) which might makes things clearer.

I presume that you are liaising with DETR Press Office/COI Regional
Office about media strategy for Michael Meacher's participation in
Tyndall Centre launch.

I have spoken to Michael Meacher's diary secretary about his
arrival/departure times. He is due to arrive at Norwich station at
11.22 am on the 9 November, and needs to get the 13.40 train back to

There is a proposal to meet him at the station (and take him back) in
a new petrol/electric hybrid car developed by Toyota. I think there is
some connection with UMIST re research. I don't know if Mr Meacher or
his advisers will go for this ( Ian Dwyer and I are checking it out
from this end).

But if he does it might provide some good photo opportunities for

Mike tells me that the live webcast of the afternoon 'Any
Questions'/debate session is still planned. If so, we should get as
much advance publicity for that as possible.


Have you had any more thoughts on this? Please see next item.

We are going to have to get an operational note out, and some advance
publicity for the Internet broadcast by the 30 October, I would have

A Press Release with science stories should go out (with embargo) by
3 November, to allow time for filming by broadcast media. Do you think
that is OK/too late?

I have no idea how the guest list is looking. Any replies from media
people? Fid you get names of Foreign Press in London?

Current media coverage/interest

Mike tells me that his feature article in New Scientist is scheduled
for publication the week before the launch, i.e. 2 November. From what
I can gather it doesn't include any of the stories that we are
investigating for the launch.

New Scientist will probably want a news update for the week of the
launch, i.e. Thursday 9 November, which means that they won't be able
to use anything if a Press Release is embargoed until the start of the
event (10.30 am).

The more I think about it, the more I favour an embargo of 00.01 on
Thursday (9 November, which means that BBC Radio 4 'Today' programme
and Breakfast TV can use something. It also means that national
newspapers will be able to run stories on 9 November - ahead of the
official opening. Depends how vital it is to get national print and
broadcast media to Norwich for the event.

I have spoken to BBC TV News Environment Producer (Emil Petrie), He
is looking for items for broadcast before the Hague climate change
meeting, but no dates for transmission yet. I thought the Norfolk
Broads angle might be good. Not sure if there is anything fantastic to
film at the launch.

Could you or Mike have a chat with Emil please, a.s.a,p ? His tel no
is 020 8624 9058. I have said we'd send him an invite to the event -
one might have already gone out to Environment Correspondent, Margaret

Can't think of anything else from this end.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

NERC Communications
19 October 2000

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