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subject: Euro Climate Forum possibility?
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Dear All

I talked to Jon briefly in the Hague about the proposed European Climate
Forum, and to Mike Hulme yesterday. I discussed with Mike the possibility of
following up the RIIA workshop, 'Quantifying Kyoto', of which the papers
(including summary) are on the following web site; I also attach the 2-page
summary published in Climate Policy. Basically the conclusion was that we
were still extremely uncertain in many dimensions, particularly but not only
the sinks issues.

Mike suggested a follow-up next year - RIIA will not be doing a follow-up on
its own at least - might be an activity appropriate for the Forum and that I
email to each of you with this thought and info. We both also felt that it
would be interesting to explore the longer-term implications in terms of
trajectories for different sets of assumptions (including political
assumtions about the decisions on balance / constraints on the various
mechanisms - including post Hague possible complete breakdown of the
system!?). This would for example capture issues of sink permanance and the
innovation implications of different pressures on the energy system itself
over the next 10 years.

Mike suggested this might be a possibilty for discussion for whenever the
Forum gets gets together.
Just a thought.

All papers at:

Best wishes,


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