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date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 14:23:00 -0400
from: Edward Cook <>
subject: Re: IMAGES meeting extended abstract
to: Keith Briffa <>

Hi Keith,

With suitable revision, do you think that what I have written could
go into The Holocene as a Forum article? I think that there is still
enough controversy and uncertainty about all of this stuff that a
Forum article would be justified. I still get a number of inquiries
about the Esper paper and recently was invited by Crowley to talk at
Duke (same meeting Phil was at). Let me know what you think.


>Ed tried to ring but this will do
>Have read the abstract and my comments are
>1/ thanks for keeping me in the loop and the citations
>2/ reads well , and quaint at times
>3/ page 2 half way down - the 2out of growing season2 signal could
>also arise through the winter climate preconditioning the growing
>season climate ( ie cold winter = delayed soil thawing, or dry
>reducing groundwater recharge etc).
>4/ bottom of page with Figure 6 in - you say not clear why ECS has
>highest amplitude. Partly as you have scaled low-frequency against
>Mann ( but you cover this later)
>5/ next page - a third way down - our purpose in re-calibrating ECS
>against high frequency data was not to say that was the "right" way
>- but only to demonstrate the sensitivity in the absolute amplitude
>of early fluctuations (trends) to the calibration procedure
>(important if the reconstruction is to be used to define the
>sensitivity of EBMs - such as in Crowley's work.
>Your point at the end re the 500-1000 year variability is well taken
>- and re-emphasised by spectra of the long Fennoscandian or Russian
>(or composite Eurasian ) curves I et al have produced.
>I would just mention that the lack of coherence in the below 20-year band
>should be explored more , through the local/regional calibration of
>the data and aggregation of reconstructions - as we will do - won't
>At 09:51 AM 6/26/03 -0400, you wrote:
>>Hi Keith,
>>Here is an extended abstract of a talk I am giving at the IMAGES
>>Workshop to be held in Norway in August. Because it touches on a
>>number of issues relating to the Esper et al. (2002) work,
>>including some of yours, I am sending it to you for comments. I
>>need to send it to the meeting convenor by Friday, so any changes
>>you want me to make must be sent to me by Friday afternoon your
>>time. I don't think that there is anything in it that you would
>>STRONGLY disagree with.
>>I am NOT sending it to Phil or Mike for comments, but I am sure
>>they will see it at some point. Bradley will too since he will be
>>at the workshop as well.
>>Dr. Edward R. Cook
>>Doherty Senior Scholar and
>>Director, Tree-Ring Laboratory
>>Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
>>Palisades, New York 10964 USA
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>Professor Keith Briffa,
>Climatic Research Unit
>University of East Anglia
>Norwich, NR4 7TJ, U.K.
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Dr. Edward R. Cook
Doherty Senior Scholar and
Director, Tree-Ring Laboratory
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Palisades, New York 10964 USA
Phone: 845-365-8618
Fax: 845-365-8152

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