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date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 18:11:02 -0000
from: "Glenn McGregor" <>
subject: RE: Santer et al. manuscript
to: "Tim Osborn" <>


thanks - am here for work, a NERC/DfID project on ecosystems services and
poverty alleviation

will keep an eye out for BS's submission and thanks for recommending


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To: Glenn McGregor
Subject: Santer et al. manuscript

Hi again Glenn (sorry if I'm interrupting holiday time... I forgot to
ask if you were there for work or holiday),

Ben has decided to submit to IJC -- the right decision I think! --
and would like it treated as a independent submission. He said it
would be ready in about a week.

With regards potential reviewers... Francis Zwiers seems appropriate,
if he's willing. I guess you already have his contact
details. Others with appropriate expertise of tropospheric
temperatures and/or model-data comparisons would be:

Qiang Fu, University of Washington. Expert on atmospheric radiation,
dynamics, radiosonde and satellite data. Published 2004 Nature paper
and 2005 GRL paper dealing with issues related to global and tropical
temperature trends. Email:


Myles Allen, Oxford University. Expert in Climate Dynamics, detection
and attribution, application of statistical methods in climatology.



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