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date: Thu, 25 Jun 2009 17:28:55 +0100
from: Clare Goodess <>
subject: Fwd: RE: Fwd: UEA involvement in the CCRA tender
to:,Tim Osborn <>,

I've been invited to the Tyndall brown bag lunch tomorrow and there
will be a brief discussion about the proposal.

I will do my best to stay calm when being lectured at by Anthony.......


>Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2009 16:50:30 +0100 (BST)
>Subject: RE: Fwd: UEA involvement in the CCRA tender
>To: "Darch Janice Dr \(SCI\)" <>,
> "Minns Asher Mr \" <>,
> "Warren Rachel Dr \" <>,
> "Adger Neil Prof \" <>,
> "Footitt Anthony Mr \" <>,
> "Goodess Clare Dr \" <>,
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>Glad I switched it off so I could concentrate on other things!
>I do hope all these emails are just staying within UEA because it really
>makes us (UEA as a whole) look like a bunch of amateurs - and people
>wonder why I suggest establishing a Tyndall Ltd...
>Ok, things to be aware of - this is a very high profile project and
>basically is where it's at as far as UK climate Change work goes. Prof Bob
>Watson (also Chief Scientific Officer for Defra), for example, has
>highlighted frequently that we desperately need to be part of the winning
>bid and has emphasised the broader and significant reputational benefits
>for Tyndall and UEA of getting it and, incidentally, the implied
>reputational costs if we don't!
>I think all who are in the bid would probably all like to just do the work
>and not have to deal with a rubbish system that is, frankly, not fit for
>purpose as this is showing quite nicely. I think a few folks in RBS are
>aware that the system doesn't work and similarly get sore heads about
>it.....note that if we lose this on the basis of cost (it's happened on
>previous bids Tyndall have put in, admittedly not because of UEA because
>we went via consultancy) then I wouldn't like to be the one responsible
>for it.
>We will be discussing this issue tomorrow at our Tyndall brown bag lunch
>but, frankly, I can't see that this is going to resolve whether it's
>research or consultancy......what a palava

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