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date: Wed Dec 3 10:13:20 2003
from: Mike Hulme <>
subject: Re: GEC
to: <>, "'Neil Adger'" <>

Sounds an interesting option to consider.
Let's see what Elsevier come back with. Martin was getting �8,000 p.a. in total.
At 09:24 03/12/2003 +0000, Katrina Brown wrote:

Mike and Neil

IF our joint editorship of GEC goes ahead, I have a suggestion of who we could employ as
Editorial Assistant. I have a new PhD student called Mike Robbins. He did his MA here
last year and I supervised his dissertation he shared the dissertation prize with a top
mark of 80% and wrote it with little support form me. He used to be a science writer for
one of the CGIAR centres ICRISAT or ICARDA I think he is in mid-late 40s. He writes
really well and would be more than capable of doing a first sifting and evaluation of
papers. He is researching soils and carbon sequestration but has good background on
environment, climate change, agriculture etc. He is funding himself and will be looking
for consultancy work so it may be attractive to him as it would provide a little bit of
steady income, have flexible hours and be UEA based.

Let s keep in him mind let me know if you would like me to sound him out, but otherwise
I won t mention it yet


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