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cc:,, Dominique Raynaud <>,,
date: Sun, 05 Mar 2000 16:37:05 -0500
from: "Michael E. Mann" <>
subject: Re: prospective workshop
to: Jonathan Overpeck <>

Thanks Peck,

Sounds like it may not work, then, to schedule this workshop in the Fall.
Perhaps there is room to get this in the PAGES/CLIVAR pipeline for the
following Spring? I think the workshop in question has a unique niche in its
combination of empirical and model approaches to paleoreconstruciton, and it
would be a great opportunity to get some of the other European groups (e.g.
GKSS) involved in the international efforts, so I'm hoping we can all work
to get a workshop like this in the pipeline.

Keith and Dominique: what do you think? Or what about the possibility of
somehow combining the two as Peck suggests (Hans has also suggested this,
and I would be happy to help in any way I can if you think something along
these lines is possible).

Will look forward to hearing back w/ thoughts, and ideas.



At 02:05 PM 3/5/00 -0700, you wrote:
>>Hi Mike - Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, but I suspect
>>Ray is correct - can the community handle two holocene mtgs in one
>>year? I suspect it will be particularly tough to get NSF or PAGES to
>>help both, and as Ray points out, Keith's mtg has been in the works
>>for a couple years (it takes that long to line up support). Perhaps
>>there is a way to combine resources? It might even be too late for
>>that, but Keith is the one to ask. I'm cc'g this to Dominique
>>Raynaud too, since he's another co-organizer on Keith's mtg. They've
>>involved me in the planning, but I'm not the boss (in fact, I
>>haven't been too good at anything during the move). Also, Keith and
>>Dominique are both still part of the PAGES leadership (unlike Ray or
>>me), so they are key to any PAGES support. Let's see what they say.
>>Thx, Peck
>>Dear Ray, Malcolm, Peck, Phil, Keith,
>>As you all know (I think?), I'm trying to coordinate w/ Hans Von Storch of
>>GKSS (with additional interest on the part of the Dutch, and Swiss) to hold
>>a workshop on paleoclimate data assimilation (empirical and model-based) for
>>reconstruction of Holocene climate, which should be complementary to other
>>planned PAGES/CLIVAR events in its mission and emphasis. So far, the
>>Germans, etc. have tentatively committed to support, but to make it work we
>>need it to have the support of PAGES/CLIVAR, Euro, and U.S. funding
>>agencies (NOAA/NSF) in particular. I have attached the latest draft
>>announcement for your examination.
>>I undestand from Keith that there is a conflict w/ an already sponsored
>>PAGES/CLIVAR workshop in October, so we are proposing to postpone. The
>>workshop is to be held in Charlottesville (a great opportunity for you all
>>to visit!)
>>Virginia, and it should probably be no later than mid November for optimal
>>weather conditions, etc. Holding it in the spring of next year would
>>probably be too late.
>>Any suggestions, comments, help would be appreciated.
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