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cc:, "'Mike Hulme'" <>, "'Vanessa McGregor'" <>
date: Mon, 5 Jul 2004 17:35:41 +0200
subject: Ang: final TORs and invitation letter
to: "Emily" <>

Dear Emily, and all,
Thanks for a good paper reflecting a very constructive discussion last Thursday. I have
just a few comments on the different documents:
General background:
Topic 1, next by last sentence of "Information to be provided"- I think it would be better
to write "What are the impacts on European competitiveness and international trade?"
I have no view on author for topic 1.b)
Topic 3, Brief description: I suggest to drop the words "This topic addresses" and just
start "Global emissions control etc."
Information to be provided, last line, last word, replace equity with justice - but both
are fine words, I have no strong feelings!
Justification for workshop schedule. Do we need "justification", sounds defensive. I
suggest "Comments on etc". Last sentence should read "This session will take up a large
part of the final afternoon".
Reasons to attend: first para : "fora" is already plural, but often used mistakenly in
singular instead of "forum". So no e at the end.
second para: drop "excellent" . Can we guarantee that everybody is excellent, and does it
only apply to scientists?
Finally I have noted that I appear both as "Tyndall" and as "Ministry of Environment" in
different places. If Tyndall accepts I would be happy to be included in your team, but I
leave the decision to you.
Once again thanks, great job

"Emily" <>

2004-07-05 14:40

"'Mike Hulme'" <>
Kopia: "'Vanessa McGregor'" <>
?rende: final TORs and invitation letter

En bilaga med namnet EFIEA WS2 TORS FINAL DRAFT5.7.04.DOC har tagits bort.
En bilaga med namnet EFIEA_WORKSHOP2_INVITATION_DRAFT2.6_EB.DOC har tagits bort.
Dear Mike, Alex and Bo

Please I would be grateful if you could have a glance at the final TORs and the invitation
letter and let me know if you have any comments/queries by this afternoon, thank you.

Just a note: I have added a couple of scientists to the list of invitees previously omitted
from WS2 list, including Saleem Hucq (IIED) and Mans Nilsson (SEI) (both attending WS1). I
though that they are good bridging people, Saleem for adaptation (to give that topic some
more weighting) and Mans as an author for WS1 - so will have been involved already in the
concepts, he is good at conceptual thinking and contributes a lot. However, if you think
otherwise please just cut them from the list. With them included the list is at 45

We also need to make a final decision on who is to author paper 1b. Marcel is still keen on
Carraro, what do we think about that?


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