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cc: k.briffa Briffa <>
date: Wed, 1 Dec 2004 13:14:29 +0000
from: David Viner <>
subject: Fwd: Authorisation request for Met Office data from the Climate
to: Tim Osborn <>

<x-rich>Probably should not send this to you, but may be of interest!


Begin forwarded message:


<bold><color><param>0000,0000,0000</param>Date: </color></bold>30
November 2004 16:18:52 GMT


</color>Authorisation request for Met Office data from the Climate
Impacts Link Project (userRef 1551)


Dear Dr Viner,

The BADC has received the following dataset access request from one of
our users:

Dataset/service: Met Office data from the Climate Impacts Link

Name: Dr Martin Juckes

BADC user ref: 1551

AccountID: mjuckes


Telephone: 01865 72894

Studying for degree: None


Institute: Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL)

Country: UK


Proposed research:

"The data will be used to investigate whether long term local

temperature records, such as the central england record, are

representative of variations of global mean surface temperature
on a

range of timescales. These results will then be put together with

results comparing tree ring data with central england

NERC funded: y

Dataset specific information:

project_title: tree rings as climate recorders

sponsor: NERC

contract: scs4000

Please reply to this message indicating if you are happy for us to
give this

user access to the specified dataset/service. It is important that
your message

includes the user details given above so that we can identify the
users request.

You can view details of users who are currently registered for this
dataset/service by

using the following url and entering your BADC username and password:

This message was generated automatically. If you have any problems
with the content of

this message then please contact us.

Thank you.


BADC Support British Atmospheric Data Centre Tel : 01235 446432 FAX : 01235 445848



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University of East Anglia

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Tel: +44 1603 592089

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