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date: Tue Apr 29 12:51:19 2003
from: Mike Hulme <>
subject: fax to Andrew Warren
to: v.mcgregor


Please send this fax to Andrew Warren at the Association for the Conservation of Energy. And then leave a copy for me and for Asher.

Fax #: 020 7359 0863


Dear Andrew,

Thanks for your fax of 17 April. Unfortunately it only reached me today, since it went to the Climatic Research Unit here at UEA instead of the Tyndall Centre (please update your records accordingly - see above).

There is nothing new about Pat Michaels causing mischief, although this particularly spin on Blair's foreign policy and the cowardly UK climate scientists is indeed new. This is a constant battle to be waged not only in newspapers, but also recently in peer-reviewed academic journals, where scientists on both sides of the Atlantic are particularly active at present in rebutting the claims of spurious and primary school science that appear to undermine what we know is happening to world climate. I will look into the Washington Times and see whether I can get a letter submitted - although time has now lapsed.

About the Scientific Alliance meeting - we discussed at some length whether Tyndall Centre should provide a speaker for this event (I am aware of the dubious nature of the organisation) and decided on balance that we should. It at least means that those who turn up for the event will get to hear a credible view from science about the overwhelming evidence. I appreciate that one tactical position is ever to refuse to appear on the same platform as people who flatly contradict what we know about global climate, but that is not a tactic I have generally adopted in my professional life (although I am careful and selective about which people and organisations I debate with, and where).

Thanks for your interest in these issues - and thanks for your monthly column that you send me. I also read it with interest and it helps me follow the twists and turns of energy policy in the UK.

With best wishes,


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