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date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 10:42:51 +0000 (GMT Standard Time)
from: Garth Antony Barber <>
subject: Two notices
to: "Acton, Professor Edward" <e.acton@uea>, "Andrews, Professor David" <d.l.andrews@uea>, "Anstey, Dr. Paddy" <p.anstey@uea>, "Baker, Dr. David" <d.baker@uea>, "Barber, The Revd. Garth" <g.barber@uea>, "Belshaw, Deryk" <>, "Clark, Sophie" <sophie.clark@uea>, "Cutting, Heather" <h.cutting@uea>, "Dowsing, Dr. Roy" <>, "Dyer, Alison" <alison.dyer@uea>, "Edwards, Peter" <p.edwards@uea>, "Elliott, Dr. Ralph" <r.elliott@uea>, "Elliott, Professor John" <john.elliott@uea>, "Evans, Dr. Tom" <t.evans@uea>, "Evans, Rob" <r.evans@uea>, "Everest, Dr. Graham" <g.everest@uea>, "Gilbert, Judith" <j.gilbert@uea>, "Glauert, Dr. John" <>, "Gorringe, Peter" <p.gorringe@uea>, "Grant, Dr. Alistair" <a.grant@uea>, "Gray, John" <j.e.gray@uea>, "Greenaway, John" <>, "Hall, Gillian" <g.hall@uea>, "Havers, Janet" <j.e.havers@uea>, "Haylock, Derek" <d.haylock@uea>, "Hopkins, Brenda" <>, "Houssart, Marion" <m.houssart@uea>, "Howard, Lynne" <l.howard@uea>, "Hulme, Dr. MIke" <m.hulme@uea>, "Jones, Dr. Alan" <r.a.jones@uea>, "Jones, Professor Stuart" <c.stuart-jones@uea>, "Kenning, Dr. Marie-M" <m.kenning@uea>, "King, Sue" <s.i.king@uea>, "Lewis, Dr. Brian" <b.g.lewis@uea>, "Logan, Dr. Oliver" <o.logan@uea>, "Manning, Ralph" <r.manning@uea>, "Marcantonio, Julia Mary" <>, "Marsh, Lyn" <l.marsh@uea>, "Mason, Jonathan" <j.mason@uea>, "McAndie, Glenny" <g.mcandie@uea>, "Page, Sue" <>, "Pedley, Kate" <k.pedley@uea>, "Penfold, David" <d.penfold@uea>, "Perowne, Naomi" <>, "Peterson, Steve" <s.peterson@uea>, "Pounds, Gabrina" <g.pounds@uea>, "Rayward Smith, Professor Vic" <>, "Russell, Peter" <p.o.russell@uea>, "Sanderson, Anne (& Michael)" <a.h.sanderson@uea>, "Seeley, Sue" <>, "Tovey, Dr. K" <k.tovey@uea>, "Vine, Professor Fred" <f.vine@uea>, "Watson, Bridget" <b.e.watson@uea>, "Williamson, Anne" <a.e.williamson@uea>, "Woodhouse, Lisa" <l.woodhouse@uea>

Dear All,
Two notices!

Wednesday the 28th February is Ash Wednesday and
there is an ecumenical Ashe Wednesday Service with "ashing"
in the Chaplaincy Main Room at 1.05pm. Everyone is very
warmly welcome!

On Friday, the 2nd March, at 5pm in the Chaplaincy
there will be a progamme planning meeting restarting
"Christians in Development", a research and discussion
group for all those interested in Christian solutions to
the world's development problems. All are welcome even if
you are not in DEV.
(Anglican Chaplain to UEA)
Garth Antony Barber

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