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date: Mon Jul 26 15:59:51 2004
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re:

Glad to hear you've got the paper out. Support hasn't been to bad here over the years.
Thatcher was good for climate research - off to have to say it, as she was bad for almost
all else. The EU has been good over the years, but the paperwork with all is much worse,
especially the EU. A lot less research gets done per pound/euro spent, as there are
so many assessments of what's being done - to make sure its all fair and above board.
As for a dendro person, there is one Canadian we've worked with a while ago - Brian
Luckman at UWO. I don't think Brian would have much truck with Steve though. Main
centres in the US are Tucson and Lamont as you know, but they are all sort of in with
Mike Mann, Ray Bradley and especially Malcolm Hughes. So finding someone who has the
time and patience will be difficult. There is Dave Stahle's group in Arkansas. Not been to
a tree-ring meeting for years, so not well up on the up and coming ones.
At 10:22 26/07/2004 -0400, you wrote:

HI Phil,
By the time I got in this morning there was an acceptance email from CJFR
accepting the long chronology paper. Whew!! It's only been 10 friggin years
since we first put together the 2787 year chronology!! Governments don't ever
see the damage they do when their support comes and goes in pulses. You guys
have seen as much of that as any, but I gather that things have stabilized
psychologically after Thatcher left. True?
I continue to pressure Steven to think about the value of peer-review to all of
his issues. I will now try to steer his thinking to the methods we all use to
evaluate the work done by our peers. I'm a bit afraid that he will want me to
co-authors some of this work, but since Brendan and Ed have always done the
actual reconstructions, I'll very uncomfortable to be cited as someone who knows
that side of the discipline. Can you suggest anyone else who might already be a
hard core dendro person but who would also be inclined to want to write some
very critical evaluations of methods??

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