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date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 11:51:41 +0100
from: "Rob Tinch" <>
subject: [ngp-list] Norwich climate meeting
to: <>

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Hi,

We're now up to 4 speakers for the meeting in Norwich, with an option on a
fifth. Will tell them 10 minutes each maximum. Speakers are:

Peter Bunyard - Science Editor of the Ecologist, speaking on "Putting life
into climate", which will look at Gaia and climate change.
Pat Gowen - North Sea Action Group, will presumably focus on sea level rise
Prof. Tim O'Riordan - UEA, will ask him to focus on climate policy options
Dr Steven Peake - Open University, works on UNFCCC, will give a report on
the Bonn negotiations, which he is attending, and Green Party policy.

Fifth possible is Martin Williams from FOE, who would talk about similar
issues to those Ron Bailey addressed on Saturday.

I don't see 5 speakers as a problem really - the FOE climate meeting had 4,
plus Tim O'Riordan as compere, and was by all accounts a roaring success.
However I think Adrian was keen to keep number down, so we should discuss
this now.

My view: as long as we are *strict* on the 10 minutes, I think it should be
fine, and we'll have an excellent panel which should help ensure good press
coverage, really encourage people along, and give us a lively discussion

Any comments?


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School of Environmental Sciences
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