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date: Fri, 03 May 2002 21:43:01 +0200
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subject: Re: ECF: Autumn conference (1 draft)
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Dear Mike and all,

I think we should try strongly to keep both MM Stuart and T Slade. First was instrumental to push G8 renewable energy task force with solid conclusions and implications on programms for energy for the poor (WSSD context). He is an oil businessman turned renewable energy promoter. There are not many these days....and second person is THE most pronounced and engaged representatitive of AOSIS in the recent years in the UNFCCC negotiations, a very honest, warm, knowledgable and open person representing those regions of the world that very likely will face the dire consequences of global warming given the low speed of GHG reductions. Nothing against Farhana - she is great and good - true, she is working for AOSIS as well but she is "only" a lawyer based in UK. I think she should be given a slot as well but under no circumstances replacing T Slade.

I do agree that folks of the ECF do not necessarily have to have speeches /presentations. Facilitating and guiding discussions as well as concluding may be more challenging for the tasks ahead of us.

Best wishes

Stephan Singer
Head of European Climate and Energy Policy Unit
WWF, the conservation organization
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>>> Mike Hulme <> 05/03/02 02:49pm >>>
Dear Martin,

Thanks for this.

My suggestions would also be *not* to invite Martin Parry - instead Per
Vellinga might be a choice. Farhana Yamin from SOAS in London would be an
alternate to Tuiloma Slade. In Session 3, Dennis Anderson from Imperial
College would be an alternate to Christian Azar and Tom Delay from the
Carbon Trust in the UK an alternate to Moody-Stuart.

I feel that key ECF people should be moderating sessions, I don't
necessarily feel they have to be keynote speakers.

I wonder whether starting so early on Thursday is good? People will *have*
to stay overnight (making it a 2-night trip). Starting at 10.30am Thursday
would allow some people to arrive that morning, thus only a 1-night trip.

If you keep it as is, there is a danger the last Friday pm session might
lose the pace a bit - this happened I think at the 2001 ECF meeting, when
the last session had disappointing numbers. Eileen Claussen would be a
good draw to keep attention levels high.

And as a wild card what about inviting Pachauri to give the Thursday
evening speech? We might as well try do you think?


At 16:53 26/04/02 +0200, Martin Welp wrote:
>Dear member of the extended board
>Please find attached the first draft of the preliminary programme of the
>ECF Autumn conference 2002 in Berlin. As agreed in the last telephone
>conference the organizing committee (Bill hare, Martin Welp and Klaus
>Hasselmann) can start contacting the potential speakers after informing the
>extended board. Our aim was to have a good balance of speakers (companies,
>NGOs, researchers) as well as to have a good geographical representation,
>including speakers from developing countries and the USA. If you have
>comments or suggestions concerning the list of speakers please let me know
>preferebly before 1 May.
>Have a nice weekend,
>Martin Welp
>Dr. Martin Welp
>Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
>Dept. Global Change and Social Systems
>P.O. Box 601203, 14412 Potsdam, Germany
>Tel. +49 331 288 26 19
>Fax +49 331 288 26 20

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