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date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 17:42:47 +0100
from: Stefan Rahmstorf <rahmstorfatXYZxyzan-klima.de>
subject: Re: latest draft of 2000-year section text
to: Keith Briffa <k.briffaatXYZxyz.ac.uk>

Hi Keith and others,

attached is the draft Keith sent on 21 Feb of the 2000-year section,
with comments and edits (grey) from me.

I note that Von Storch et al. 2004 is cited without it being mentioned
that they did not implement the Mann et al. method correctly - by
detrending before calibration, the performance of the method was greatly
degraded in their model. I guess you left this out because the comment
to Science showing this is still in press? Will it be added once this
has been published? I think it is a major point, as it was such a
high-profile paper - Von Storch's contention that the "hockey stick" is
"nonsense" (cited in the US Senate) is based on a mistake.

Cheers, Stefan

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Stefan Rahmstorf


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