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cc: "David Vincent" <David.VincentatXYZxyzra.gsi.gov.uk>
date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 18:35:43 +0000
from: "Tom Delay" <Tom.DelayatXYZxyzra.gsi.gov.uk>
subject: Re: Royal Society 13 December
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Thanks - the 12th and 14th latish afternoon are fine
Please let me know

>>> Mike Hulme <m.hulmeatXYZxyz.ac.uk> 30/10/01 17:53:10 >>>

Seems fine to me. The sequence would then look like this (see end of
email) ...... allowing you to get away by 1410 and Paul to be away by
1445. It would be certainly good to keep your involvement in the event.

I'll prepare a briefing note about the sort of issues this session may
cover and we can talk about it. In the meantime, I am writing to you this week alerting you to our 2nd funding round process in Tyndall Centre which starts now and continues over the winter. This is an invitation to comment
from the Trust about our research strategy and to communicate where you
feel Tyndall should be putting in effort.

And in the longer run, I would also like to explore possible co-sponsored events with you where our two agendas come together in the form of outreach
and engagement.

I wonder whether we could meet up in London for an hour sometime to share views about this. The 12th, 14th and 22nd November (all pm) are possibles for me.



Session 7: Challenges for the UK 13:30 - 15:15

Co-ordinator: Mike Hulme

A Reducing emissions (ie mitigation)
Speaker: Tom Delay (Carbon Trust) 15 min
Discussants: Chris Anastasi (British Energy) 5 min
Andrew Warren (ACE) 5 min
Discussion 10 min

B Risk: managing the dangers (ie impacts/adaptation)
Speaker: Chris Newton, (Environment Agency) 15 min
Discussants: Paul Jefferiss (RSPB) 5 min
Bob Maynard (DH) 5 min
Discussion 10 min

C Reaction: communicating climate change science
Speaker: Roger Harrobin (BBC) 15 min
Discussants: Kate Hampton (FoE) 5 min
Phil Matthews (CCP) 5 min
Discussion 10 min

At 13:50 29/10/01 +0000, you wrote:
>At some point I would like to discuss the content of the session that you >are chairing to ensure that I am on cue. In the meantime, there is a
>practical issue - The Carbon Trust has a board meeting that day starting >at 2.30 that both Paul Jefferiss ("Discussant" for the second section of >the panel) and me are due to attend (there was an earlier mix-up as we
>were told the session would be in the morning....). Would it be possible >to have any questions/discussion at the end of each section (A,B and C) >rather than at the end of the session? If Paul and I slipped away after >our respective sessions and we put back the board meeting to 3pm, we would
>be able to fit everything in (I would ask David Vincent to be there later >to respond to any further questions).
>Sorry to be so convoluted - we have a board of 17 so changes are a
>Look forward to seeing you on the 13th if not before.

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