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date: Mon, 6 Feb 2006 11:09:24 +0300
from: "Olga Solomina" <olgasolominaatXYZxyzdex.ru>
subject: glacier box sod
to: "Jonathan Overpeck" <jtoatXYZxyzrizona.edu>, "Eystein Jansen" <Eystein.JansenatXYZxyz.uib.no>

Dear Eystein and Peck,

Many thanks for your relpy and contribution for the glacier box. Everything
is fine with me except for the sentence:

"Comparing the ongoing retreat of glaciers with the reconstructed records,
it is evident that the current global pattern is unprecedented within the
Holocene, as there is no known period with a global homogenous trend of
retreating glaciers over centennial and shorter timescales."

The reason of my disagreement is the following: the resolution and the
spatial and temporal coverage of the Holocene glacial records is not enough
to compare it seriousely at the century level. For most of regions we even
cannot estimate the synchroniety of the records. Looking at the figure a
reader will see that there was actually a period with "a global homogenous
trend of retreating glaciers" during at least a millennium (at least
7000-8000 bp) - not a century like now! To resolve this problem we can
discuss in a braoder audience and ask the opinion of more experts if you
wish - I can think of Luckman, Nesje, Grove, Porter, Karlen.

I corrected a little the second paragraph - removed three references - they
are not used in our picture and, in fact not that good in terms of real
reconstructions. I think we should stress clearly that the records from
Scandinavia is now the most reliable and detailed.



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Dear Olga,
both Peck and I like the new version, both figure and shorter text.
Please find enclosed a suggestion from us with
some revisions, one file with track changes, one
with all changes accepted.I have added a little
to your short text, but not much. If you are
happy with this, please send the final version
inserted into the template of the SOD we sent out
so that the style is correct, the figure
separately, and an endnote file with references.
Best wishes and thanks for all your efforts,
Eystein Jansen
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