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date: Fri May 20 12:57:27 2005
from: Phil Jones <p.jonesatXYZxyz.ac.uk>
subject: Re: CCSP meeting: confidential
to: Kevin Trenberth <trenbertatXYZxyzr.edu>, jhurrellatXYZxyzr.edu

Kevin, Jim,
Heard the news also from Ben and Chris at the HC Review meeting. Tom Peterson
also emailed me to say that Roy deserves credit.
I won't be doing any crowing, but it would be useful to find out what UAH plan to do
re a new publication/note. I'll contact John and see what I can find out.
Should certainly make the section of Ch 3 a lot easier to write.
At 16:12 17/05/2005, Kevin Trenberth wrote:

Thanks Jim
Another typical UAH response though: every time we found something, they changed the
dataset so they could argue our findings were no longer relevant, but they did not ever
take care of the issues. Can I share this with a couple of others on our chapter: in
particular David Parker is an author, but is not at your mtg.
jhurrellatXYZxyzr.edu wrote:

Dear Kevin and Phil,
Sitting in the CCSP meeting, but I wanted to let you know of what I
believe is really remarkable progress. And I give much credit to Roy
He has admitted UAH Tlt has a negative bias, accepting the RSS argument
the diurnal cycle correction is of the wrong sign.
He also has stated the Fu technique is "acceptable" especially given the
notion of 1000-200 T as opposed to 850-300.
The revised CCSP report will have much more on Fu, and also a new UAH
Tlt product. The latter also means IPCC FAR draft will need to be
revised to include the new product. Roy thinks it can be done in about 2
The scientific issue of just how to do this is still up for debate. RSS
has based the diurnal cycle corrections on CCM3; UAH will do it based on
AMSU data. Whether their redo will result in a +.2C/decade correction
(as implied by Mears et al.) in the tropics, or something smaller, will
depend on this. But that it will move Tlt to a warmer trend is not in
Just a quick update. More when I return.

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