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date: Mon, 5 Feb 2001 17:33:47 +0000 (GMT Standard Time)
from: (Frans Berkhout)
subject: Re: C Trust
to: (Mike Hulme)

It's very good of you to have thought of me as the Tyndall nominee.
The Trust is clearly going to be one of the main UK players in the
de-carbonisation game, and a body we need to develop good relations with. I
understand from the press release that the Trust will also inherit parts of
other programmes (Environmental Best Practice Programme), and the implication is
that the programmes/funds it will manage will grow with time.
It sounds interesting, and I'm therefore happy to be put forward.
Best regards

Dr Frans Berkhout
Environment and Energy Programme
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University of Sussex
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> From: Mike Hulme <>
> Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2001 22:22:25 +0000
> Subject: C Trust
> To:
> Frans,
> We had a very constructive meeting today with the C Trust team from
> DETR. The Trust is very keen to work with Tyndall in a number of
> areas. In effect there is �27m to be allocated by the Trust during 2001/02
> on projects/initiatives that take forward the de-carbonisation mission and
> they are clearly looking for good ideas to support.
> Tyndall has a special position because of our R.Council status and strong
> interdisciplinarity. Thus we will join the Trust as a corporate member and
> are also able to nominate someone as a non-executive director to their
> Management Board (there may also be other formal links as the activities
> develop). Having considered a number of people, I wonder whether you would
> be prepared to be nominated as the Tyndall representative on their
> Board? You are well placed to bridge the technical/economic/behavioural
> spread of concerns, all of which fall within the remit of the Trust.
> John Schellnhuber is aware of this development and was entirely happy to
> delegate this role to you.
> Let me know what you think. The p-t Chairman will be announced next week
> and the full-time CEO will be appointed by early March for the full
> functioning of the Trust by early April.
> Mike
> p.s. I have copied the recent Nature papers on THC circulation to you in
> case you haven't seen them.

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