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date: Fri, 11 Mar 2005 15:26:50 +0000
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subject: RE: RAPID Steering Committee
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Dear Simon (and listeners),

Many thanks for your response. You may or may not know that Sandy
raised similar concerns, which we have debated at length both by e-mail
and phone, and Sandy has done an excellent job in presenting these
views. It is clear that you both feel that asking the SC to discuss this
issue under AOB at the last meeting, and then to provide inputs by
correspondence, was insufficient, and of course I can understand why you
feel this is so. I can see, in retrospect, that there would have been
greater buy-in and accountability from the SC had there been a formal
paper on the subject, and will bear this in mind in future such
exercises in other programmes. (I note, for the record, that decisions
on SC membership are for NERC, in conjunction with the SC Chair, so
there has been no transgression of NERC policy).

It is perhaps unfortunate that the criteria applied do not take into
account the willingness of individuals to continue to contribute. But I
can assure you that programme integration will not fall by the wayside
in the remaining stages of the programme, and I see this as my main
responsibility as programme manager. In evidence, I offer the fact that
programme integration has effectively been a standing item at the last
few SC meetings, and that the bulk of the science co-ordination effort
is channelled towards integration.

You have indeed played a key role in the programme to date, and I do
not necessarily see that stepping down from the SC has to end this. SC
membership, as you know, is just one of many ways of contributing to a
community programme. For example, although we have asked Richard Wood to
be the single representative of the Hadley Centre, we would often expect
him to represent institutional viewpoints. Moreover, I seem to recall
that you are a collaborator on some RAPID grants (forgive me if I
misremember), and may have some natural involvement in the
model-integration work that Jonathan Gregory is leading. I would very
much hope that you might have the time to contribute in such ways. We
would also welcome your participation at annual meetings.

You were not sent the SC papers for the 17 March meeting on the
assumption that you would accept the invitation to step down from the
SC. Sandy rightly questioned whether this invitation to step down was a
euphemism for something a little more dictatorial, and I hope that he is
now convinced that it wasn't! If you don't wish to step down, please get
back to me (ideally before the 17 March SC) and we can discuss how to
take matters forward.

With best wishes, and so sorry to hear that your wife is still unwell,


Dr Philip Newton
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>>> "Tett, Simon" <> 11/03/2005 09:37:49
Dear Andy (CC Others who may have a view),
thank you for your letter inviting me to resign from the
scientific steering committee of Rapid. I am sorry for the delay in
responding. I have just returned to work from two weeks sick leave.

I understand the argument for a smaller committee. I also note Phil's
point having two people from the Met Office. However I think that
membership of the SSC is an issue that the SSC should properly
The SSC should at least come to some view about principles for
(or new ) membership. My recall of our last discussion on this subject
was that it was rather inconclusive. This is not particularly
as the item was discussed late in the day after a long meeting mainly
devoted to proposal review.

I have been involved in activities that led to Rapid since 1997 and
played a key role in part of them. I would very much like to see the
program through to its conclusion. In particular I wish to continue
banging the drum for program integration.

I note I do not have papers for the March 17th meeting which, due to
Wife's ill-health, I am unlikely to be able to attend.



Dr Simon Tett Managing Scientist, Data development and applications.
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Dear Simon,

Please find attached a letter from Phil Newton regarding the RAPID
Steering Committee.



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