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date: Wed, 3 Oct 2007 15:18:49 -0400
from: "Kate Willett" <>
subject: Re: Scheduling your Nature paper
to: "Phil Jones" <>

Thanks Phil, do I need to do anything over here or just be aware that someone might contact
I've just come accross something interesting in my data - it looks like the land T and
dewpoint T data is recorded only to whole numbers prior to 1982 too. I've only looked at a
few stations so far but these have been in completely different countries but show the same
thing. I don't think/hope this affects any results so far too much. I remember noticing
this to some extent in the early stages of dataset building but didn't notice a pattern.
I've only noticed it just now because I'm looking at max and min supremums of pentads. In
HadCRUH there is no apparent shift comparable to that in the Marine data at least. Did you
notice anything like this with your hourly temperature data and if so what did you do about
I've coming back to the UK for the Met Office interview at the beginning of November so
will be around Norfolk for a bit too seeing friends/famliy. I'll pop into CRU at somepoint
and say Hello.

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