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date: Tue, 3 Apr 2001 12:19:49 +0100
from: "Goulden, Marisa" <>
subject: Steering Committee for RS meeting on IPCC synthesis report
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Dear Mike,
It was good to meet you and listen to your presentation at the climate
change conference in the DTI conference centre on 21 March. I believe that
Rachel Quinn has spoken to you about being on the Steering Committee for a
meeting the Royal Society is planning to hold on the IPCC TAR on 12 and 13
December this year. I apologise for the delay in getting back to you
regarding this.
I am now contacting you with further details of the December meeting and to
make arrangements for the first meeting of the Steering Committee. The other
members of the Steering Committee currently are Dr Terry Barker, Dr Thomas
Downing, Dr David Griggs, Professor Michael Grubb, Prof Brian Hoskins, Sir
John Houghton and Prof Martin Parry. We have provisionally arranged for a
meeting on the morning of the 25th April. I would be most grateful if you
could let me know if you are able to attend this meeting, or if not on which
dates, in the two weeks from the 8th May that you would be available for a
meeting in London.
The attached document contains an edited version of the project proposal
that was approved by Council last month and the initial thoughts of those
who proposed the meeting: Sir John Houghton, who will Chair the Steering
Committee; and Prof Brian Hoskins, a member of Council. I have also included
some notes on possible formats for the meeting that you might like to
consider. I would be very grateful for your initial thoughts on this outline
and the questions identified. In particular are there any
additional/alternative sessions that you can suggest and any speakers that
you would recommend/consider essential? I believe that Rachel mentioned that
Sir John is hoping that you will be willing to speak at the meeting.
If you have any queries or no longer wish to be involved in the Steering
Committee please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be most grateful if
you could send me your comments before the meeting of the Steering
Committee, if possible by the 18th April.
Many thanks,

Marisa Goulden
Science Policy Officer (Environment & Energy)
Science Advice Section
The Royal Society
6 Carlton House Terrace
London SW1Y 5AG

Tel: +44 (0)20 7451 2590
Fax: +44 (0)20 7451 2692
Registered Charity No 207043
<<IPCC meeting plan - Steering Group v1.doc>>

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