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cc:, Samantha Jones <>
date: Thu, 05 Aug 2004 16:45:20 +0100
subject: Tyndall Centre Review/Phase2 Outcome
to: Mike Hulme <>, John Schellnhuber <>


Thank you for the recent mail regarding the outcome of the Tyndall Centre
assessment. Congratulations on getting such a positive review which relects
really well on all concerned and must bode well for the future. I am
pleased to see the importance of the Centre being recognised and I look
forward to a second phase of action. No doubt Climate Change will continue
to feature highly. It is clear to me that next year will be a particularly
important one for the UK, not only with its own national agenda but also
the fact that it has the Chair of the G8 and the Presidency of the EU in
2005. Africa (and all that entails) and GCC are the two top key priorities
and so the environment and energy will feature highly.

Also on associated matters, over the last year or so the Carbon Capture and
Storage issue has come from `nothing` to something potentially highly
significant. I have been in the middle of setting up a Carbon Abatement
Technology strategy for the UK (I now chair the DTI Advisory Committee on
the subject, ACCAT) where the UK is just about to launch a consultation
around our deliberations. It will be interesting how this pans out in the
future. However I am convinced that there will a greater need to
collaborate internationally, both within Europe and wider. My involvement
with the CSLF (where I sit as one of the UK technical representatives) just
reinforces this view. I feel that Tyndall together with the new UK Energy
Research Centre are likely to be increasingly important in this aspect.

>From my discussions with David King I am pleased to see that UKERC seems at
last to be getting going. The interaction with Tyndall will be an important
one issue. David King has called a follow up discussion (27/Sept/04) with
industry to consider UKERCs remit and possible involvement. One way of
course would be through an Advisory Board along the lines of Tyndall,
something that I would favour. It would then of course be sensible to have
some overlap between the `boards` to ensure a synergistic approach. Has
Tyndall been involved recently in any way as to ensure the co-ordination
issues are addressed? I would be grateful for any views that you have that
you feel are relevant to these future discussions.

Again, congratulations on the outcome of the review

With regards


Nick Otter OBE
Director of Technology and External Affairs
ALSTOM Power Ltd

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