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cc: 'isobel' <>
date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 14:14:38 +0100
from: "Measures, Jane" <MEASUREJatXYZxyzcom>
subject: Climate Change CD ROM
to: 'Mike Hulme' <>


It was good to talk with you last week. Sorry for the delay in sending this
but today was my first opportunity to talk with our multimedia developers.
It looks like we could potentially wait until the end of June for your
input. We are in fact having a meeting this Wednesday to assimilate all of
the information received to date from our external advisers, look for gaps
and generate issues to plug the gaps. We will also recheck the schedule.

Here is the latest Design document.

Here is a list of issue triggers which I think will enable us to cover the
content of the Science Briefing Paper -we could do it by simply covering the
ones I have asterisked (these appear in cirlces alongside the appropriate
parts of the briefing paper on the fax I will send you if you supply your
fax number) and the additional ones enable us to add a bit of extra depth
(these will be indicated with brackets in the fax). Please view these as
provisional until we have had our meeting on Wednesday but they will be
indicative of the number and scope.

Here is a blank issue template:

And here is one which has been completed as an example:

We discussed the fact that it would be good if you could provide us with the
briefing paper and the completed issues templates by end June. Can you let
me know what you think now that you have this additional information?

The OU have provided me with some useful tapes about CLimate Change and I
was watching one yesterday from their Open Saturday series which featured
someone from UEA, name escapes me but I've written it down at home, he was
very good. I particularly like one of his statements which went something
like 'It would be very presumptious of us if we thought we could exactly
model something as complex as the natural environment.....' a good way of
describing the complexity we face.

I will make fresh contact with WWF this week to see if they have any
interest in trialling the disc and creating teacher guidance notes on
potential uses for the disc.



Jane Measures
Britannic House
Tel. +44 171 496 4924
Fax. +44 171 496 4738

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