Thursday, May 17, 2012


date: Tue Aug 7 17:06:17 2001
from: Tim Osborn <>
subject: Re: ANN - tree-rings
to: "Jonathan M. Adams" <>


(1) UEA budget is attached. As you can see, with a total of $83K, it's pushing the overall project budget rather high. But we've pared it down to the minimum we think possible for the work we suggest doing (see point (2)). Obviously we need the staff costs in order to get the work done. But other things are necessary too - collaboration wouldn't look good if we had no plans to travel over the see you, for example! We're also somewhat hampered by our university's insistence on using a higher exchange rate than current. They wanted us to use 1 GB pound = $1.80! But we've been allowed to use $1.60 instead.

(2) Attached is various bits of text for you to put into the proposal and amend as necessary. They need some final proof reading, but we thought it better to do that once you have put them into the proposal itself - so please send us a copy once you have combined them. As you will see, we now outline a much better defined series of tasks for training and assessing the ANN approach - this has, we feel, a better chance of success but may have resulted in a rather different outlook to your original idea. Please discuss this with us if you're not happy with what we suggest.

Letter of support and CVs from UEA will be arranged next.

Best regards


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