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date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 15:27:07 +0100
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subject: FW: Holocene manuscript
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From: Phil Camill []
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Subject: Holocene manuscript

Dear Gill and John,

I apologize for being somewhat persistant, but the following manuscript

"Using a new 672-year tree-ring drought reconstruction from west-central
Montana to evaluate severe drought teleconnections in the western US and
possible climatic forcing by the Pacific Decadal Oscillation"

has now been in review at The Holocene for one year. I understand from
previous conversations that Professor Briffa has been in the hospital, but
it seems like a review should have been completed. I have not yet heard
from Keith.

Can you provide me with any information on the status of the manuscript and
help me draw the review process to a timely close?

All the best,

Dr. Phil Camill
Assistant Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies
Carleton College, Department of Biology
One North College St.
Northfield, MN 55057
phone: (507) 646-5643
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