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date: Tue Apr 11 09:26:06 2000
from: Mike Hulme <>
subject: Re: success
to: John Shepherd <>


Thanks for the congratulations. The PR has been revised (see other email) and could well be out today.

About IRI ...... by all means mention our new existence to them and that we would like some form of collaboration in the future. I think it is too soon to fix up anything formal - after all we still only really exist virtually and we have no paperwork or anything in place. But in principle, yes.

Also, Michael Meacher has pressured DETR into hosting a 24-hr. show and tell session with Columbia Earth Institute and 'relevant UK climate scientists' in July sometime. I and maybe 1-2 other Tyndall people have been invited by David Warrilow to this. Not quite sure who's who at Columbia but you could perhaps ask whether anyone at IRI are invited to this exclusive 24-hr. retreat in 'a rather fine old hotel in East Sussex'.



At 18:06 10/04/00 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi Mike
> This is splendid news : sincere congratulations ! You did a really first
>class job on the proposal, and obviously the presentation went well too
>(and it looks as though we read the tactical tea-leaves right as well).
> I'm working at Lamont this week, and in e-mail contact via my usual
>address, in case you need to reach me. Shall I go and doorstep the Director
>of the IRI for Climate Prediction here and get them signed up to some sort
>of collaboration (I talked to him before but didn't push it because they're
>mainly ENSO & South American orientated, but it could help our global
> John

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