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date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 13:45:18 +0000
from: Climate Policy <>
subject: 2 messages from Michael Grubb and Ray Purdy

Message from Michael Grubb
Dear Climate Policy Board member
Further to my last email to the Board, I can now let you all know the following.
At the Editorial Board meeting last week I announced my resignation as Editor-in-Chief of
Climate Policy. If you have been reading previous emails, and the Annual Report from the
beginning of this year, you will know the main reasons. I eventually came to the conclusion
that with Elsevier it would be fundamentally impossible to fulfill the stated Aims and
Objectives upon which the journal had been founded, specifically that: 'a primary aim of
the journal is make complex, policy-related analysis of climate change issues accessible to
a wide policy audience, and to facilitate debate between the diverse constituencies now
involved in the development of climate policy.'
I have been approached by the newly merged Earthscan/James & James company who intend to
launch a new international research journal, as their flagship venture, which would address
these aims (and which as part of this would be priced at a level intended to secure large
subscription and bearing some relationship to cost, ie. A small fraction of the Elsevier
price and strategy which focused on the academic library
and ScienceDirect markets). This new venture would also carry various sections additional
to the core of academic research papers. After my
contract with Elsevier terminates (at the end of this calendar year) I will engage in more
detailed discussions with Earthscan/James and James.
At present, I cannot tell you anything about the future of Climate Policy. The current
Publishing Editor at Elsevier has indicated over
the past few months that in response to my concerns they have been looking to move CP to a
new division - Materials Science was their
initial suggestion, more recently and appropriately, social sciences and geography.
However, I was told that the relevant Publishing editor did
not wish to discuss anything with me. The day after I confirmed my resignation to the Board
meeting, I at last received an email from the
Publisher editor of Social Science and Geography asking if she could meet me in January to
discuss the possible future of Climate Policy.
Apart from that I have no idea whether Elsevier intend to continue the journal.
Those present at the Board meeting in Milan expressed understanding and interest in leaving
Climate Policy to join the new venture proposed by Earthscan/James and James. I consulted
with a number of other Board members during the week in Milan, and for those whom I did not
there, I would be interested in your initial views. For the present, we are contacting
authors and informing them of the situation. I will contact you again early in January when
things are
With best wishes and Seasons Greetings
Message from Ray Purdy
I am also leaving Climate Policy and this will be my last day working for the journal. I
will continue as a senior fellow in environmental law at University College London and I
will not be involved in any new climate journal published by Earthscan/James and James. I
would like to take this opportunity to thank the board for all their support over the last
three and a half years and particularly for all the refereeing you have done. I hope you
have a good Christmas/Holiday break and would like to wish you all the very best for
Cheers and good wishes - Ray

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