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date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 09:49:56 +0100
from: "Conway Declan Dr \(DEV\)" <>
subject: couple of things from Declan
to: "Tim Osborn" <>, "Phil Jones" <>, "Clare Goodess" <>

Hi Tim / Phil / Clare

hope all's well.

At some point soon I must get in touch re the masters for next year - hopefully we can
coordinate from our students has been good so far - I hope yours have
found the DEV unit interesting.

Main point for this email is to let you know, in case you don't already, that there is to
be a large Defra call for a climate impact/risk assessment for the UK in 1-2 months -
something like 1-2 million pounds. Bob Watson keeps talking about the call at Tyndall
meetings - he thinks this would be a key bid for UEA (Tyndall/CRU/whatever) to be involved
in - I think the call may be very relevant to you/CRU in general, possibly more than the
expertise now left in Tyndall - or certainly complimentary expertise.

Anyway I think it's worth chatting with Bob about it - he and Kevin Anderson are going to
try to take some ideas forward over the next few weeks in advance of the call. Bob is going
to lead a Tyndall brown bag lunch about the call soon, I think on the 1st or 8th May.

Finally - I'm going to Beijing for the British Council Turner Phil I might
want to pick your brains about historical climatology in a few days....I'll give you a

All the best, Declan.

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