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date: Wed, 26 May 2004 09:39:25 -0600
from: IPCC-WG1 <>
subject: [Wg1-csw-spk] Extended abstracts for IPCC Workshop on Climate

Dear Speakers,

In preparation for the IPCC Workshop on Climate Sensitivity, that will
be held in Paris this July, we invite you to submit extended abstracts
of your presentations. We plan to distribute these abstracts to all
workshop participants before the meeting and to include them in the
workshop report, which will be official IPCC Supporting Material.

The extended abstracts should be 1-3 pages long, and include references
and 1-2 figures. Please send the abstacts to by
Wednesday, July 1. If possible, please send the figures as separate
encapsulated postscript (.eps) files.

As a special request, we would like you to put particular effort into
constructing figures that convey your key messages in a clear and
informative way. We make this request because your ideas will be of
great help to us for the AR4, where we plan to devote considerable
attention to creating figures that communicate key concepts and messages
in a powerful way.

We have found in previous meetings that extended abstracts are very
helpful for participants to prepare for the meeting, and considerably
add to the value of the workshop report. We hope you will all take the
opportunity to submit one.

Best regards,

IPCC WG1 Technical Support Unit
NOAA Aeronomy Laboratory
325 Broadway DSRC R/AL8
Boulder, CO 80305, USA
Phone: +1 303 497 7072
Fax: +1 303 497 5628/5686

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