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date: Fri, 9 Feb 2007 09:39:30 -0500
from: "Bamzai, Anjuli" <>
subject: RE: no-cost extension
to: "Phil Jones" <>

Then I won't call. I may have more info by Feb 15.

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From: Phil Jones []
Sent: Friday, February 09, 2007 9:34 AM
To: Bamzai, Anjuli
Subject: RE: no-cost extension

There is probably no need to call. Knowing by April
will be good enough. If you want to call then
it is +44 1603 592090.
The issues here are that UEA has little spare cash at the
moment, and a few years ago an email from you saying it is
coming would have been fine, but now it isn't.
We can discuss more at IDAG, which is only just over 4
weeks off and you might know more by then.
At 14:04 09/02/2007, you wrote:

Do you want me to call you to discuss? Please let me know.

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From: Bamzai, Anjuli
Sent: Friday, February 09, 2007 8:14 AM
To: 'Phil Jones'
Subject: FW: no-cost extension


There is still time for your current award to end. We hope Chicago will do the award by May


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From: Carlson-Brown, Karen
Sent: Friday, February 09, 2007 7:29 AM
To: Bamzai, Anjuli
Subject: RE: no-cost extension


this grant is still in the third year of funding, and doesn't end until April 30, 2007.
The start date for his renewal is May 1, 2007. There is no reason to request a no cost
extension due to the CR. the grants are being awarded as CH receives funding, and he still
has 2-1/2 months before his end date.

Karen Carlson-Brown
fax: 301-903-8519


From: Bamzai, Anjuli
Sent: Thursday, February 08, 2007 6:19 PM
To: Carlson-Brown, Karen
Subject: no-cost extension
Is there a website that the PI can be referred to. Phil Jones/Univ E. Anglia wants a
no-cost extension. Their Office of Sponsored Programs doesn't seem to have done this
before. Renewal is stuck at Chicago Ops because of CR.


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