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cc:, Mike Hulme <>
date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 17:05:52 +0100
from: John Shepherd <>
subject: Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research

Dear Antonio

Just to let you know that I am visiting at Lamont this week (10-14 April),
and that we have just heard that our bid (with UEA et al) for the new UK
Climate Change Research centre (about which we spoke when I was hear last
October) has been successful... It's remit is highly interdisciplinary
(includes engineering and socio-economic aspects) and is firmly directed on
solutions rather than predictions (so it should be complementary to the
work of the Hadley Centre, IRI, etc). If you're around this week maybe I
could stop by and explore possible future collaborations we might think
about ?? One element of the work (though not the major one) will be global
issues & the developing world (as they're v.v. important and UEA has a
School of Development Studies...), which could interface quite nicely with
IRI work.

Also, are you aware of the following meeting...

>Also, Michael Meacher [UK Environment Minister] has pressured DETR [UK
Dept of the Environment] into hosting a 24-hr. show and
>tell session with Columbia Earth Institute and 'relevant UK climate
>scientists' in July sometime. I [i.e. Mike Hulme] and maybe 1-2 other
Tyndall people have
>been invited by David Warrilow to this. Not quite sure who's who at
>Columbia but you could perhaps ask whether anyone at IRI are invited to
>this exclusive 24-hr. retreat in 'a rather fine old hotel in East Sussex'.
and do you know who would be likely to attend? If so maybe I could talk to
them and explain what's going on with the new centre, now firmly named the
Tyndall Centre after John Tyndall ?



PS I recently acquired a Brazilian PhD student (in fisheries) and shall
probably visit Sao Paulo in the summer. Is there anyone in the climate
field (e.g. IRI alumni) I could/should talk to while I'm there ??

I am working at the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory from 10 to 14 April
2000. My e-mail is being forwarded , so please just reply to my usual
address, or to

John Shepherd

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