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cc: "Roger Street" <>, "Bryden, Clare" <>, "Jenkins, Geoff" <>
date: Wed Mar 18 08:52:54 2009
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: RE: updated UKCP09 project plan and instructions for PMG
to: "Maresh, Jennifer (ACC)" <>, "Chris Kilsby" <>, "Lowe, Jason" <>

The WG Briefing Report was sent to Geoff late yesterday afternoon.
The main WG report has also been sent back to Steph as well.
I'm going to look through the latter again whilst it is being proof read.
This should mean that the WG is almost done. I'm around this week
if Geoff needs any clarifications on the Briefing Report. The version
sent yesterday has the final maps and tables, and includes comments
made by Kathryn before she left for Canada.
On Monday I met Hilary Benn with a few others from UEA when he
opened the new Broads Authority building in Norwich. We discussed sea
level rise and what had happened in Copenhagen. He mentioned UKCP09
saying it would bring the reality of climate change home to everyone in the UK!
Let's hope it does! He didn't say whether this would include Lenny!
At 19:34 17/03/2009, Maresh, Jennifer (ACC) wrote:

Chris/Phil (on WG input into briefing report)
Jason (on Marine input into briefing report)
[cc Geoff, Roger, Clare]

Could you all give an update on when you will be able to provide Geoff with the
remaining text for the briefing report?

I know that Jason is working up comments from Karl Hardy to clarify the messages in the
marine section, but understood that this would still be able to be finalised this week.
Any news on the WG front?



Jenny Maresh
Adapting to Climate Change Programme
Nobel House, 17 Smith Square, London SW1P 2JR

tel 0207 238 3387

From: Jenkins, Geoff [[2]]
Sent: 17 March 2009 13:43
To: Maresh, Jennifer (ACC); Chris Kilsby; Bryden, Clare; Lowe, Jason; Phil Jones; Roger
Cc: Packer, Kathryn (ACC)
Subject: RE: updated UKCP09 project plan and instructions for PMG

I still have no input to the Briefing Report from either the Marine Projections or the
Weather Generator, so Friday looks unlikely.

From: Maresh, Jennifer (ACC) [[3]]
Sent: 16 March 2009 16:25
To: Ag Stephens; Anna Steynor; Bryan Lawrence; Chris Kilsby; Bryden, Clare; Colin
Harpham; Sexton, David; Geoff Jenkins; Lowe, Jason; Kevin Marsh; Elkington, Mark; Paul
Bowyer; Phil James; Phil Jones; Roger Street; Sarah Callaghan
Cc: Humphrey, Kathryn (ACC); Packer, Kathryn (ACC); Shippey, Katie (ACC)
Subject: RE: updated UKCP09 project plan and instructions for PMG
Dear UKCP Project Management Group,
<<2009-03-13 UKCP09 outputs project plan.xls>>
Attached is an updated project plan with revised dates for completion of milestones.
Milestones currently delayed are in red.
Dependencies are highlighted. I have added updates against tasks on the critical path in
a separate column rather than change Kathryn Hs text from the mail she sent out on 27^th
13^th March was identified in Kathryn Hs last project plan as a key date for a number of
tasks. Since then, a number of these have slipped back by a week. I have spoken to many
of you over the last few days, and it looks as though 20^th March (i.e. this Friday) is
going to be a key date. By then the following things should have been completed:
� Remaining Projections Report text to Steph and Defra (Geoff)
� Briefing Report text to Steph and Defra (Geoff)
� User Guidance out to Scientific Review (Roger)
� Pre-prepared maps and graphs to UKCIP (Ag)
� Final tweaks on report graphs (Ag)
� Jason to address Karls points in the Marine report (and associated briefing
More details on your specific elements of the project can be found in the attached
Please send any updates on these dates, progress, or problems, to me for the next week.
Kathryn Humphrey is back from holiday on 23^rd March.

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)

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store or copy any of its contents and you should destroy it and inform
the sender.
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for known viruses whilst within Defra systems we can accept no
responsibility once it has left our systems.
Communications on Defra's computer systems may be monitored and/or
recorded to secure the effective operation of the system and for other
lawful purposes.

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