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date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 13:25:54 -0500
from: "raymond s. bradley" <rbradleyatXYZxyz.umass.edu>
subject: Re: PAGES/CLIVAR workshop
to: christoph.kullatXYZxyzes.unibe.ch

Dear Christoph:
I regret that I will not be able to make it to the PAGES/CLIVAR meeting in early June. I
am already committed to fieldwork in the High Arctic at that time.
May I suggest that you invite Dominik Fleitmann to the meeting. He has some very important
high resolution records from speleothems and I don't see anybody on the list who represents
that approach to paleoclimate reconstruction. Stalagmite records are providing very
valuable new insights into past climate (including past forcing) from many areas where we
hitherto had no paleoclimatic reconstructions. Dominik's email address is:
At 03:33 AM 11/29/2005, you wrote:

Dear all,
After discussing the issue of past climate variability during the past
years, this topic remained a burning issue for PAGES, CLIVAR, the wide
scientific community and the public.
Especially the fact that the late 20th century warmth is most probably
anomalous in the context of the past 1,000-2,000 years fuelled this
discussion. Significant differences and uncertainties exist, however,
between various estimates with regard to both empirical reconstructions and
model simulations. - Therefore:
PAGES/CLIVAR is pleased to announce a workshop that aims at making progress
in that respective field of research!
>From June 7 to June 10 2006, we would like to invite a group of approx. 25
to 30 scientists (see attached email list, including you!) for extended
discussions at a nice location in the Swiss alps (Wengen or M�rren). Timing
of the event will allow travel afterwards to a facultative excursion on June
11 directly to the HOLIVAR meeting in London that starts on June 12.
The workshop is entitled:
"Past Millennia Climate Variability: Proxy based reconstructions, Modeling
and Methodology - Synthesis and Outlook"
Funding is provided by PAGES and EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute)
and the workshop is scientifically organized by Phil Jones, Heinz Wanner,
Mike Mann, Keith Briffa and the PAGES IPO in Bern.
As a major outcome, the group is expected to publish a peer-reviewed summary
Please have a look at the attached first circular for further information
and let me know by January 31th if you are able to attend this event!
For information on PAGES/CLIVAR, please have a look at the attached document
We are looking forward to meeting you - hopefully at the latest in June!
In behalf of the organizing committee!
Christoph Kull
Christoph Kull
Science Officer
Sulgeneckstrasse 38
CH-3007 Bern
phone: +4131 312 31 53/33
fax: +4131 312 31 68

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