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cc: simon.tett@metoffice.gov.uk, Dominique Raynaud <raynaudatXYZxyze.obs.ujf-grenoble.fr>
date: Mon Jan 31 15:08:38 2005
from: Keith Briffa <k.briffaatXYZxyz.ac.uk>
subject: Re: Brussels and Imprint
to: Eystein Jansen <eystein.jansenatXYZxyz.uib.no>

thanks for this news Eystein
I too talked briefly with Hans , but not Ib. It would still be useful as you say to
emphasise the focus in our project on assessing future potential change and mechanisms - as
far as I can see , the Millennium proposal seeks to develop new proxies , but with much
attention as to why. We need to make the "value" of our data and data/model work very clear
, so they can defend IMPRINT when the anti- paleo lobby get to work. I will certainly try
to push this unofficially in talks with Ib . Subltle interventions by Andre and Jean
-Claude could be most useful here also.
At 14:27 31/01/2005, Eystein Jansen wrote:

Hi Keith, Simon and Dominique,
I talked with Brelen today. He is handling the paleo-IP in the Commission. They have not
yet found a replacement, so he continues, which is good in this process.
He was very friendly. I had sent him an overviw of the partners which he had asked for
to avoid inviting people as experts reveiwers who are involved in the proposal. He
complimented our ability to attract the bets groups in Europe.
I invited myself to Brussels, and he said they were hesitant to do this because they are
afraid of paying favours to any special project. He said he would check with Troen
about this policy, and came back and said they would prefer to avoid such meetings
during this phase. Thus, we need to do remote lobbying. Since you all have good
contacts, or your institutions have, it would be wise to contact Brelen, and more
importantly Troen or other people in the Global Change Unit to ensure that they a)
Realise how the Imprint approach is a major undertaking of the best European labs to
really make paleoclimate make a difference to the predictions and modelling activities.
b) Underscore the close connections to Ensembles, c) Go through with them how they
interpret the wording of the call, to make sure we have a joint understanding of what it
means in terms of being relevant for predictions and climate dynamics. From the review
of the competing Millennium proposal it seems that these aspects of the call were not
considered much.
We need to influence the comission as far as possible so that they know what they will
miss if the project is not funded.
Best regards,
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