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date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 15:42:43 -0700
from: John Robinson <>
subject: RE: Synthesis Report (SYR) - IPCC WGs input
to: "''" <>

Dear Bob,

Thanks very much for this, which I have finally gotten around to looking at.
I think the idea of pulling together all the comments, organized by
question, Working Group and chapter, is an excellent one, though I confess
to only having looked so far over our own contributions. In that connection,
I would like to note a small omission with respect to my own comments, sent
in before the Capetown meeting. In my response to PRSQ#5, I noted:

. . . the different baseline worlds have very different implications for
climate impacts and for what is now being called adaptative capacity. There
is a problem here, of course, since the impacts and adaptation community,
because of the inevitable time lags involved in translating new emissions
scenarios into climate scenarios, has only just started to internalize the
new baselines. This means not only that the literature being reviewed by
WGII is still often working off climate scenarios based on an earlier
generation of emission scenarios, but also, and more importantly I think,
that a crucial link is usually not made between emission scenarios and
impact/adaptation scenarios. This link is to be found in the underlying
socio-economic scenarios, which strongly affect both emissions and
impacts/adaptation, and which can vary widely. In other words, the
conclusion mentioned above concerning the importance of the choice of
underlying socio-economic and technological development paths is also
applicable, to a great degree, to impacts and adaptation policies. This is
an area where much new work is needed. And here the WGII finding Stewart
Cohen has commented on, that industrialized country impact work is
increasingly focusing on future impact scenarios without much attention to
ongoing sustainable development issues, while developing country work in
this area is strongly focused on development issues, without much emphasis
on future scenarios, is strongly suggestive.

I just wanted to put this comment on the table, so to speak, since I think
that the link between impact/adaptation analysis and the analysis of the
driving forces of emissions (i.e. the underlying socio-economic and
technological conditions that condition impacts, constrain adaptation, and
give rise to emissions) is one that needs some discussion, if only to point
out how little we can yet day about it.

All the best,

John Robinson, Director
Sustainable Development Research Institute
University of British Columbia
B5 2202 Main Mall, Vancouver V6T 1Z4 Canada
1.604.822.8198 (ph) 1.604.822.9191 (fax)

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Osvaldo Canziani; Bert Metz; Mohan Munasinghe; Michael Prather; Robert
Scholes; John F B Mitchell; Thomas Stocker; Daniel L Albritton; Ulrich
Cubasch; Stephen Schneider; Murari Lal; Zbigniew Kundzewicz; Barrie
Pittock; Christopher Magadza; Habiba Gitay; T. Barker; J.R. Moreira;
J.B. Robinson; I.A. Bashmakov; R.G. Richels; D. Zhou; Ian Noble;
Narasimhan Sundararaman; Renate Christ; David Griggs; Neil Leary; Rob
Swart; Isabel Alegre; Dan Albritton; Tom Karl; Bob Scholes; Michael
Prather; Joyce Penner; Thomas Stocker; Bryant McAvaney; Ulrich Cubasch;
Bruce Hewitson; John Church; Jonathan Gregory; Francis Zwiers; Sir John
Houghton; John Mitchell; Joanna Haigh; Dr M J Salinger; Fons Baede; Fons
Baede; Chris Folland; Colin Prentice; Colin Prentice; V Ramaswamy; Jerry
Meehl; Filippo Giorgi; David Karoly; Linda Mearns; Mike Hulme; Berrien
Moore; Steve Schneider; QK Ahmad; Tim Carter; Nigel Arnell; Nigel
Arnell; Liu Chunzhen; Habiba Gitay; Bill Easterling; Alla Tsyban; Alla
Tsyban; Tom Wilbanks; Pier Vellinga; Tony McMichael; Chris Magadza; Paul
Desanker; Murari Lal; Murari Lal; Hideo Harasawa; Barrie Pittock; Barrie
Pittock; Zbigniew Kundzewicz; Martin Parry; Luis Mata; Luis Mata;
Stewart Cohen; Oleg Anisimov; Graham Sem; Graham Sem; Barry Smit; Joel
Smith; D.H. Bouille; I.A. Bashmakov; J.A. Sathaye; J.B. Robinson; J.C.
Hourcade; K. Halsnaes; K. Halsnaes; L. Srivastava; R.A. Sedjo; T.
Banuri; T. Barker; J.R. Moreira; Rich Richels; D.Zhou; A. Markandya;
C.J. Jepma; C.J. Jepma; F.L. Toth; J.P. Weyant; M.J. Mwandosya; P.E.
Kauppi; W.R. Moomaw; W.R. Moomaw; P.R. Shukla; T. Morita; Lenny Berstein
Subject: Synthesis Report (SYR) - IPCC WGs input

Thanks to the three IPCC Working Groups Extended Writing Teams, attached you
will find a series of bullets (per question) as input for discussion at the
first meeting of the core writing team.

Attachments are as follows:
inputs (compiled) provided by WGs I, II and III (124 pages);
WG III Appendix (19 pages);
Synthesis Report (SYR) Core Team table; and
Expanded Writing Team list by Working Group


(See attached file: Synthesis report - WGs Inputs 09-18-00.doc)(See attached
file: WG III Appendix to SYR WGs Inputs 09-18-00.doc)

(See attached file: Core Team--Chair-Bureau-LAs-TSUs 09-18-00.doc)

Synthesis Report - Expanded Writing Team
as of September 19, 2000

* Dan Albritton (SPM and TS)
Tom Karl (Ch 2)
* Bob Scholes (Ch 3)
* Michael Prather (Ch 4)
Joyce Penner (Ch 5)
Joanna Haigh (Ch 6) J.HaighatXYZxyzAc.Uk
* Thomas Stocker (Ch 7)
Bryant McAvaney (Ch 8)
Ulrich Cubasch (Ch 9)
Bruce Hewitson (Ch 10)
John Church (Ch 11) (part of the time)
Jonathan Gregory (Ch 11) (part of the time)
Francis Zwiers (waiting for reply) (Ch 12)
Sir John Houghton
* John Mitchell
Dr M J Salinger J.SalingeratXYZxyza.Cri.Nz
Fons Baede Baede@Knmi.Nl, Fons_Baede@Hotmail.Com
Chris Folland CkfollandatXYZxyzo.Gov.Uk
Colin Prentice Cprentic@Bgc-Jena.Mpg.De,
V Ramaswamy VratXYZxyzl.Gov
Jerry Meehl MeehlatXYZxyzr.Ucar.Edu
Filippo Giorgi GiorgiatXYZxyzp.Trieste.It
David Karoly DjkatXYZxyztex.Shm.Monash.Edu.Au
Linda Mearns LindamatXYZxyzr.Edu
Mike Hulme M.HulmeatXYZxyz.Ac.Uk
Berrien Moore B.MooreatXYZxyz.Edu

* Steve Schneider, US (ch 1)
QK Ahmad, Bangladesh (ch 2)
Tim Carter, UK (ch 3)
Nigel Arnell, UK (ch 4),
Liu Chunzhen, China (ch 4)
* Habiba Gitay, Australia (ch 5)
Bill Easterling, US (ch 5)
Alla Tsyban, Russia (ch 6),
Tom Wilbanks, US (ch 7)
Pier Vellinga, Neth (ch 8)
Tony McMichael, UK (ch 9)
* Chris Magadza, Zimbabwe (ch 10) ProfmagadzaatXYZxyznde.Co.Zw
Paul Desanker, Malawi (ch 10)
* Murari Lal, India (ch 11),
Hideo Harasawa, Japan (ch 11)
* Barrie Pittock, Australia (ch 12, 3, and 19)
* Zbigniew Kundzewicz, Poland (ch 13)
Martin Parry, UK (ch 13)
Luis Mata, Venezuela (ch 14),
Stewart Cohen, Canada (ch 15)
Oleg Anisimov, Russia (ch 16)
Graham Sem, Papua New Guinea (ch 17),
Barry Smit, Canada (ch 18)
Joel Smith, US (ch 19)

D.H. Bouille
* I.A. Bashmakov
J.A. Sathaye
* J.B. Robinson
J.C. Hourcade
K. Halsnaes
L. Srivastava
R.A. Sedjo
T. Banuri
* T. Barker
* J.R. Moreira
* Rich Richels
* D.Zhou
A. Markandya
C.J. Jepma
F.L. Toth
J.P. Weyant
M.J. Mwandosya
P.E. Kauppi pekka.kauppiatXYZxyzsinki.fl
W.R. Moomaw
P.R. Shukla
T. Morita
Lenny Berstein LsbernsatXYZxyzldnet.Att.Net

* Indicates members of the core writing team.

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