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date: Tue Jun 19 08:55:48 2001
from: Tim Osborn <>
subject: Re: use of neural networks to help reconstruct climatefromtree
to: k.briffa@uea

>Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 12:00:53 -0400
>From: "Jonathan M. Adams" <>
>To: Tim Osborn <>
>Subject: Re: use of neural networks to help reconstruct climatefromtree ring
> widths
>Dear Tim,
> You are right, I think there is a very high likelihood that Michael
>Mann will be a reviewer on this. I was just on the phone to him a few
>days ago in fact. So we should be sure to properly take into account his
>work, and put our proposal in that context.
> I know that he is keen on the idea of using neural networks, which I
>put to him in our conversation.
> Jonathan
>Tim Osborn wrote:
>> Dear Jonathan,
>> I just wanted to make a couple of comments prior to you beginning work on
>> the draft proposal.
>> First, as Keith pointed out, it would be useful from my point of view to
>> get something towards my salary. But we're aware, of course, that it might
>> prove difficult to justify a large amount to a non-US institution and we
>> wouldn't want to ask for so much that it jeopardises the proposal. When we
>> have an idea of our contribution then we can make an estimate.
>> Second, one of the likely reviewers of such a proposal is Mike Mann, at Uni
>> Virginia in Charlottesville. The proposal would have to show awareness of
>> and complement his previous work on climate reconstruction (e.g. Mann ME,
>> Bradley RS, Hughes MK, Global-scale temperature patterns and climate
>> forcing over the past six centuries. NATURE 392 (6678): 779-787 APR 23
>> 1998), but you should also be aware that he (in collaboration with us) have
>> recently been applying a new reconstruction methodology similar to that
>> published recently by Tapio Schneider (Journal of Climate: Vol. 14, No. 5,
>> pp. 853�871. Analysis of Incomplete Climate Data: Estimation of Mean Values
>> and Covariance Matrices and Imputation of Missing Values. Tapio Schneider).
>> These new results are as yet unpublished - and indeed the first drafts are
>> still being prepared. We can of course advise you on this and comment on
>> the draft proposal, but I thought that you should be aware of this work
>> before you began. [The Tapio Schneider paper is rather mathematical and I
>> struggled to understand some bits!]
>> Best regards
>> Tim
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