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date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007 09:39:20 +0200
from: Andrea Bleyer <>
subject: EGU 2008 and CL division-related topics
to:,,,,, Denis-Didier Rousseau <>,,,, Johann Jungclaus <>, Heiko Paeth <>,,,,,,,,,,, Seneviratne Sonia Isabelle <>, Wild Martin <>, Nanne Weber <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Andre Paul <>,, Martin Trauth <>,,,,, alessandra negri <>,,, Geert Jan van Oldenborgh <>,,,,,,,,, Thomas Felis <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Phil Jones <>,,,,,, Irka Hajdas <>,,,,,,, "Brinkhuis, dr. H. (Henk)" <>,,,, Gerrit Lohmann <>,,,,,,,, Torsten Bickert <>,,,,, Andrea Bleyer <>

Dear collegues,

The programme for the climate division at the EGU 2008 is close to ready.
[1] then click to programme, then to CL.
Until now, there are about 55 CL sessions. If there is something missing (text,
co-conveners, etc.), either modify it or send an email to [2], and we
will insert it.
Several issues:

1. CL topics
I thought it might be a good idea to give the CL division with 55 proposals a structure in order to
avoid overlaps and to detect missing topics.
Besides the president (myself), the vice-president (Denis-Didier Rousseau: [3]Denis.Rousseau@lmd.ens
and the secretaries, there shall be some persons overlooking each group of sessions. Is it possible
to find these persons? I suggest about 2-3 persons for each group.
The preliminary list of the sessions is enclosed. Please feel free to come up with suggestions.

I want to implement one additional session about "climate change and tourism" dealing with
the challenges of sea level rise, melting ice, and seasonal climate prediction. Until now,
I have not been able to find one. May be you have ideas or know persons.
2. Poster awards

For our division, we need a person who feels responsible for the young scientist poster
award. Sonia Seneviratne ([4] did it this year and she would
be willing to help. My suggestion is that each session will choose the best poster by
convener and co-convener. The co-/convener cannot choose a poster on which he/she is
co-author. This poster will be sent to us as pdf, we will create a web page with these
posters, and a committee of 3-4 persons will select the best ones. For each finally
selected poster, a citation of one about sentence will be presented by the committee.

3. Web site for CL

For the division, it would be nice to have a web site with important meetings, news etc.
Arne Richter has already bought, but it would take a while. If we want, we can use
one from our institutes in between and transfer the file to the EGU at a later stage.

4. Sponsoring of the EGU by oil companies

There is a discussion about sponsoring of the EGU by oil companies, especially Exxon. For
me and for some others, this would be very problematic. There is no financial pressure to
do so, and there is a risk to lose independence. Furthermore, the politics of
disinformation about climate change of these companies undermine the scientific progress
and work we are actually doing. There are more arguments, and the Nobel Peace Price shows
that many people recognise the implications of climate change. There may be ways to
influence the companies' politics, but it is difficult to trust new ways immediately.
Something like that is probably better working on a specific project. For most of the
climate community, the oil companies are a critical point. I was astonished to recognise
how little acceptance the EGU council gave to these arguments, except ERE and OS (AS and BG
left earlier). Therefore, we may think about new structures without the "oil fraction". My
suggestion is to fathom several ways, and we definitely need more discussions also at the
EGU 2008. I think a split of the EGU would not be the right direction, different opinions
shall be spoken out and debated. One way of discussion could be via the Great Debates at
the EGU. I think an interesting debate would be: "Shall the EGU be sponsored by oil
companies? - Pros and Cons".

I think in such a debate different views in geosciences will come up. This is probably
related to these fields of geosciences working in close collaboration with oil companies,
and those being more related to the climate change debate and IPCC work. For the contras I
would invite CL scientists who are aware of the dark side of EXXON et al. due to the
problems some of our colleagues faced, like previous medallists and conveners. Also an
expert in ethical issues may help in such a debate. I think this question would have enough
fire to be an interesting and important event. If you agree, I will send this suggestion to
the other divisions (ERE already showed interest.).

5. Conference 2009 "Climate change"

One idea would be to make a topical conference about "Climate Change". Please find enclosed
a first draft for a proposal. A nice framework for such a conference in a framework would
be 1000-2000 people, possibly in Nice in September 2009? (The regular big EGU meeting in
April 2009 is in Vienna again.)

The organisation could be done via copernicus with their cosis system, as a topical
conference possibly also under the umbrella of CLIVAR-PAGES, IGBP, WCRP, and other European
organisations like EMS. An interesting partner would be IPCC, both, they have now enough
money, and we get Al Gore as a speaker for free ;)

For a rough planning, I would like to ask you to give me some feedback. Would you be
interested? If yes, would you offer a session? When would be the appropriate time (around
Sept. 2009)? Also to avoid overlap!

6. PAGES Newsletter

We are pretty interested in the approach combining Earth System Models and data. Such an
approach could include a mechanistic understanding of proxies that record past climate and
environmental conditions, or statistical methods. For this data-model topic Thorsten Kiefer
from the PAGES office and me will make a PAGES newsletter for 2008.
There is room for short contributions about new ideas/concepts as well as examples and
applications. Please tell me if you are interested in contributions, e.g. through examples
and/or new concepts.

Kind regards

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