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date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 08:50:31 -0500
from: Edward Cook <>
subject: NINO3 SST recon
to: Keith Briffa <>

Hi Keith,

Here is the Nino3 DJF SST recon back to 1408. I have attached the mean estimates that are
online at NGDC. The mean is the average of several split early/late
calibration/verification runs with successively longer subsets of Tex-Mex chronologies. The
plot below shows the way in which the mean was put together through overlay plots of the
individual model recons. As you can see, there is a high degree of coherence between the
estimates. The attached *.tabs file has all of the subset model estimates plus the mean and
the actual data used for calibration/verification. So, you can look at the individual
subset model recons as well. All of the models verify very well, by the way. I probably
should have published this stuff years ago. I did it for Mark Cane.

I have taken a quick look at that deconstruction of the MBH paper by McIntyre and
McKitrick. They claim to show a number of errors in the data Mike used. I know that you and
Tim have worked with Mike's data as well. Did you find the same things? I'm just curious. I
don't plan on weighing in on this mess other than to suggest that Mike, Ray, and Malcolm
are living in glass houses when they criticize the Esper work in the way they do. One needs
to be very careful about criticizing the analyses of others because turn-around is fair
play and payback is a bitch. That is all I have to say.





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